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Syncing to Azure DevOps

You can sync your Modelbit git repo to a repo in your company's Azure DevOps account. This is especially valuable for using your Azure Devops-based code review, CI/CD and Pull Request workflows on your Modelbit deployments.

This workflow requires you to have admin permissions within your Azure DevOps project.


You should create a new, empty git repository for Modelbit.

Adding your Azure DevOps repo URL to Modelbit

First, make a new repo inside your Azure Devops account.

  1. In Project Settings, click Repositories
  2. On the right, click + Create
  3. Make sure the type is Git and set the name to modelbit.
  4. Leave the Add a README checked.
  5. Click Create at the bottom.

Make sure to leave the Add a README box checked. Below it you'll see the message "Your repository will be initialized with a main branch". This is necessary for Modelbit to connect.

Once created, open the repository by clicking the row in that table, then clicking Browse.

Copy the SSH URL for your repository. It will look like<your-org-and-repo>.

Head back to Modelbit:

  1. In Settings, open the Git Settings page.
  2. Click the Azure button, then click Next.
  3. Paste in the URL of your Azure DevOps repo and click Next.

Before heading back to Azure DevOps, copy the SSH Public Key. This Key is Modelbit's public key for pushing and pulling your Git repo, just like a user's public key. It is not a secret.

Adding your Modelbit Public Key to Azure DevOps

Back in your repo in Azure DevOps, under the SSH URL is a link called Manage SSH Keys. Click it, then:

  1. On the top-right, click + New Key
  2. Give it a memorable name like Modelbit Integration
  3. Paste in the Modelbit Public SSH Key in the Public Key Data field

Click Add.

Head back to Modelbit, click Next, and Modelbit will test the connection to Azure DevOps. If the Public Key has been set and no branch protection rules prevent Modelbit from syncing with the repo, you're all set.

Now Modelbit will sync to your Azure DevOps repo, allowing you to use Pull Requests for merges, and all your Azure DevOps-based tools for CI/CD, code review and more!


Do not use git clone with this repository, use modelbit clone. The modelbit clone command will git clone your repo and configure it to handle binary files like pkls.