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Snowflake setup

We recommend creating a separate user and role for Modelbit's queries.

Start by creating a new role:

create role modelbit_role;

Create a user and assign it the new role:

create user modelbit_user
password='<choose a password>'
default_role = modelbit_role
must_change_password = false;

grant role modelbit_role to user modelbit_user;

Grant usage on your warehouse and schema, and select on any tables you want to use with Modelbit:

grant usage on warehouse WAREHOUSE_NAME to role modelbit_role;
grant usage on database DB_NAME to role modelbit_role;
grant usage on schema SCHEMA_NAME to role modelbit_role;
grant select on table TABLE_NAME to role modelbit_role;

Now that your warehouse is connected to Modelbit, configure Snowflake to call your deployments.