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Refresh hooks for datasets

You can programmatically refresh datasets using hooks. This is most commonly done at the end of data pipeline jobs.


Webhooks can be called from any REST-friendly environment.

curl -H 'Authorization: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \<WORKSPACE_NAME>/main/datasets/<DATASET_NAME>/refresh

API Keys can be created and manged in Settings.

From Snowflake

You can refresh datasets from Snowflake by calling the Modelbit SQL API:

call modelbit_refresh_dataset('<dataset_name>', '<branch_name>');

You may need to prefix the call to modelbit_refresh_dataset with the database and schema configured within Modelbit.

From dbt

Refreshing datasets during a dbt run can be done in a dbt model's pre_hook or post_hook:

{{ config(
post_hook="call my_db.my_schema.modelbit_refresh_dataset('my_dataset', 'main');"
) }}


To be alerted when a refresh of a dataset fails, head to Settings and click Alerting. Connect Slack, if you haven't already, then enable the toggle for Dataset Refreshes.

If a dataset refresh fails you'll get an alert similar to this: