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Athena setup

Connect Modelbit to your AWS Athena cluster using your AWS credentials.

To add an Athena warehouse, click Add a Warehouse within Settings, choose Athena and name the connection, then fill in the following fields:

  • Workgroup: Optionally specify the workgroup to use when submitting queries. If omitted the default workgroup will be used.
  • AWS Region: The AWS region associated with your Athena cluster.
  • Data Source Catalog: In the AWS console, this is the catalog name under "Data souce" in the Athena query editor.
  • Database: The name of the database within the catalog to connect to Modelbit.
  • S3 Output Bucket: In the AWS Console's Athena query browser, click Settings. Use the bucket name from the "Query result location" field.
  • S3 Output Path: If your Athena queries should store their results in a specific path within the S3 bucket, add the path in this field.
  • AWS Access Key ID & AWS Secret Access Key: The credentials Modelbit should use to connect to your Athena cluster.