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Preparing your Snowflake warehouse for deployments

Your warehouse-specific sample code can be found in the "Settings" tab. Click your warehouse name in the left menu.

The code will look like this:

create or replace api integration modelbit_integration_<MODELBIT_GENERATED_ID>
api_provider = aws_api_gateway
api_aws_role_arn = '<MODELBIT GENERATED ARN>'
api_allowed_prefixes = ('MODELBIT GENERATED URL')
enabled = true;

Once you've run this sample code, you can run describe on your new API integration:

describe integration modelbit_integration_<MODELBIT_GENERATED_ID>;

Then you can enter the API_AWS_IAM_USER_ARN and the API_AWS_EXTERNAL_ID of your new API integration into that same form on Modelbit's "Warehouses" tab.