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Preparing your Snowflake warehouse for deployments

Your Snowflake sample code can be found in the "Settings" tab. Click your warehouse name in the left menu.

The code will look like this:

create or replace api integration modelbit_integration_<MODELBIT_GENERATED_ID>
api_provider = aws_api_gateway
api_aws_role_arn = '<MODELBIT GENERATED ARN>'
api_allowed_prefixes = ('MODELBIT GENERATED URL')
enabled = true;

Once you've run this sample code, you can run describe on your new API integration:

describe integration modelbit_integration_<MODELBIT_GENERATED_ID>;

Then you can enter the API_AWS_IAM_USER_ARN and the API_AWS_EXTERNAL_ID of your new API integration into that same form on Modelbit's "Warehouses" tab.