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Using endpoints

Modelbit endpoints are static REST API URLs that point to one or more deployments. Endpoints can be used in three different ways:

Request aliasing

Request aliasing allows you to change the Modelbit deployment behind the URL, without changing the URL. Request aliasing is useful when the Modelbit URL is checked into your web or mobile product, and you want to change the deployment that the product is calling without shipping a new version of the product.

Learn more about request aliasing.

Request splitting

Request splitting allows you to run A/B tests among different versions of a deployment, or across different deployments, without the calling application needing to implement A/B testing logic.

Request splitting can also be used to roll out new versions of deployments with "canary" or "blue/green" release processes, where you control how much traffic the new version gets as it rolls out.

Learn more about request splitting.

Request mirroring

Request mirroring allows you to send copies of live requests to other deployments, or other versions, without impacting the responses to those live requests. These mirrored requests are useful for testing new versions of deployments against production traffic without affecting users in production.

Learn more about request mirroring.