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mb.run_job(deployment_name=, job_name=, ...)

Executes a training job associated with a deployment. Learn more about training jobs.


  • deployment_name: str The deployment containing the training job.
  • job_name: str The name of the training job within the deployment.
  • arguments: Optional[List[Any]]: If the training_function of the training job expect arguments, supply them with arguments. If no arguments are supplied, then the job's default_arguments will be used. Arguments should be numbers or strings.


An instance of ModelbitJob. To wait for the job to complete, call wait():

job = mb.run_job(...)


Run the job named train_model:

mb.run_job(deployment_name="example_deployment", job_name="train_model")

Run a with new arguments

mb.run_job(deployment_name="example_deployment", job_name="train_model", arguments=[4, True])

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