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modelbit model {action}

Manage the file-based models in your model registry.

These actions affect the model registry on the current branch unless otherwise specified.


  • {action}: Can be one of add or get
  • --name or -n: The name of the model in the registry
  • --path or -p: The local path for reading or writing the model file
  • --branch or -b: Optional. Sets the git branch for the command. If run from outside of a Modelbit git directory the default value is main. If run from within a Modelbit git directory then the current branch is used.


Uploading a model to the registry

modelbit model add --name my_model --path path/to/model.gguf

Downloading a model from the registry

modelbit model get --name my_model --path path/to/store/model.gguf

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