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Using Eppo for split assignment

Modelbit supports request splitting so you can run A/B tests among different versions of a deployment, or across different deployments, without the calling application needing to implement A/B testing logic.

Modelbit integrates with Eppo so you can use Eppo's platform to define request splitting behavior and analyze A/B experiments across Modelbit deployments.

Integrating Eppo and Modelbit

Modelbit requires an API key from Eppo to call the Eppo API. First, follow Eppo's docs for creating an API key.

Grant Read access for Feature Flagging to this API key.

Once the key's status is Active, add the API key to Modelbit:

  • Within your endpoint's Split Assignment section, choose Using Eppo, and click add your Eppo API key. Or,
  • Within Settings, choose Integrations and click the Eppo tile.

Add your API key to the dialog that appears, save it, and close the dialog.

Configuring the endpoint to use Eppo

  1. Create an Eppo experiment with multiple Variations.
  2. In Modelbit, make a request splitting endpoint
  3. Make one split for each Eppo Variation. The name of the split should match the name of the Variation.
  4. In Split Assignment, choose Using Eppo.
  5. Set Eppo experiment name to the name of the experiment in Eppo.
  6. Set Subject key to the name of the key that Modelbit should send to Eppo for split assignment.

Once configured, Modelbit will call Eppo for split assignment and the rules you define in Eppo will determine the split each request is assigned.